Assess Maturity and Identify Gaps

We analyze your infrastructure to find out current security level, point out the gaps, and provide recommendations for remediation.

Build Strong Defence Mechanisms

By leveraging our experience and industry best practices we design and showcase tailored cybersecurity solutions for your security needs.

Maintain a Resilient Security Posture

We help validate your security tools’ effectiveness against latest cyber risks in order to help you stay consistently protected..

What we offer

Below are the consultancy & design services that we provide to our customers:

Cybersecurity Strategy

This service offer strategic guidance and architectural design to develop a robust cybersecurity plan aligned with your business objectives. We evaluate your current environment, identify security gaps, and provide recommendations for building a comprehensive strategy that ensures the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your critical assets.

Gap Analysis

We conduct thorough risk assessments and compliance audits to evaluate your organization’s security posture. Our experts identify vulnerabilities, assess risks, and perform gap analysis against industry standards and regulatory requirements. We provide actionable insights and guidance to strengthen your security controls and achieve compliance.

Dr. Risk

Consisting of 3 modules Dr. Risk service offers; Firewall Healthcheck, Threat Prevention Validation and Architecture Review. Customers are welcome to choose relevant modules according to their needs, as well as optional services such as Rule Optimization, Next Generation Features Activation and SSL Inspection Activation. Our consultants deliver a comprehensive work that help improve your network security.

Soitron Security Sensor

Soitron Security Sensor is our solution designed to analyze your network traffic as well as the transferred content and warn you of any potential risks in your environment. We install and configure the necessary hardware equipment in your network without affecting production, administer it during the analytical phase, and present the outcome to you with an easy to read graphical report.


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