What we offer

Let’s explore our operational services offerings that complement cybersecurity departments:


Outsourcing security operations allows you to use resources from a dedicated team of experts. As part of outsourcing services, we can monitor your systems’ health, act as first line of support, conduct daily operational workflows, and execute other routine tasks under agreed scope either with dedicated experts or from a pool of experts.

Managed Security Services

Best security solutions will perform upto expectations only when configured and maintained with best services. Let it be your next generation firewall, threat prevention, web security or email security solution, our managed security team ensure configuration & operation of security solutions according to your policies, and perform periodic healtchecks for consistent protection.

CISO as a Service

Having a security leadership is important in the modern enterprise. We offer outsourcing of CISO (chief information security officer) and his responsibilities, where we manage our customer’a security program, allowing them to better keep up with information security and compliance demands. This service may be delivered fully remote, or in hybrid presence.


Managed Services for cybersecurity offers several compelling benefits:

Access to Specialized Skills

Cybersecurity is a complex and rapidly evolving field. With managed security services, you gain access to a team of professionals who have strong understanding of security operations. They are specialized to configure & manage security solutions on your behalf ensuring top protection level for your organization.


Cybersecurity demands significant time, attention, and resources. Managed security services allow your internal teams to concentrate on core business functions and strategic initiatives. Instead of dedicating time to learn and execute security operations, your team can focus on achieving business goals.


You’ve just discovered 3rd stage of our cybersecurity lifecycle. Learn more about other stages to be able to respond to threats more efficiently.

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